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Resources For Fire Victims

Through our experience representing victims of California fires, we’ve seen firsthand how challenging it can be to rebuild. We’ve also learned that having access to vetted, free resources for legal, employment, insurance, and other questions can help fire victims get on the path to recovery with confidence.

Make our experience work for you. Visit this page for a list of resources that will change to suit the current needs of the North Bay communities affected by the fires. Or join us at one of our upcoming community informational meetings.

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Download our personal property inventory template to help you catalog the contents of your home. Get help understanding the extent and limits of your policy coverage, assessing the value of lost or damaged property, and making insurance claims.

Inverse Condemnation

What’s inverse condemnation, and why is PG&E lobbying to change the laws? Our own Amanda Riddle addressed this topic in an article for Plaintiff magazine after the North Bay Fires were contained in November 2017. Click below for a layman’s terms explanation.

Employer Questions

As you rebuild your business following the fires, you may have questions about your employees’ pay, leaves of absence, and benefits. We address some of these questions here.

Employee Questions

If you missed work during the fires, or your workplace was shut down, you may have questions about your rights to pay and leave. We address some of these questions here.

Napa Debris Removal & Erosion

Napa residents completing household hazardous waste and debris removal via private companies must complete Phases I and II by October 1, 2018 or be subject to potential enforcement actions. Get more information on the stages of debris removal in Napa county, as well as tips to prevent erosion on your property.

Sonoma Debris Removal & Erosion

Santa Rosa requires homeowners to complete debris removal via private companies in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in property inspections by city officials, soil testing, chemical analyses, and more. Get more information on Sonoma county debris removal as well as erosion prevention and watershed protection tips.

Advice from Oakland Fire Survivors

Download the 7 recovery tips survivors of the Oakland fires have for people displaced and otherwise affected by the North Bay fires. Get practical advice regarding home inventories, navigating insurance, organizing your neighbors, and more.

Nor Cal Fires FAQs

When did the Tubbs Fire happen? What is the deadline to file a claim against PG&E? What are the symptoms of PTSD? Get answers to these and other questions here.