PG&E Knowingly Disregarded Safety Risk to Customers

After recently discovering PG&E documents which confirm the company knew about the potential for equipment failure that ultimately caused the 2018 Camp Fire, NCFL Attorney Mike Danko told KRON4:

“It disgusts me the entire company and corporation they are convicted felons and they have no regard for human life or safety…What these documents tell us is that PG&E knew that all the J-hooks on the line were corroded and at risk of failing and what PG&E did instead of replace the hooks is ‘lets treat them carefully and hope when they do fail it happens during a rainstorm so if there is a fire it is extinguished by the rain.’”

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Northern California Fire Lawyers Obtain Documents That Show PG&E Knew About The Risk of Caribou-Palermo Line Failure

Internal PG&E Emails Show that PG&E Rated the Transmission Line that Started the Camp Fire as Having a “High” Risk of Failure

CHICO, CA – Danko Meredith, Gibbs Law Group, and Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle, a coalition of law firms known as Northern California Fire Lawyers, are in possession of documents showing that as early as 2014, PG&E knew that the towers on the Caribou-Palermo line – the  transmission line responsible for starting the November 2018 Camp Fire – had a “high” likelihood of failure.  In a February 25, 2014, email, PG&E employees admitted the line posed a risk of failure but figured any resulting fire would probably be doused by rain:

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PG&E Dodges and Weaves During Questioning in Bankruptcy Proceeding

This week PG&E appeared in bankruptcy court to answer questions under oath put to it by wildfire survivors and other creditors. PG&E and its lawyers resisted answering some questions and, in one instance, outright refused to do so even after being directed to answer by the United States Bankruptcy Trustee. (So much for PG&E’s commitment to “transparency” during the bankruptcy process.)

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