PG&E Tells Federal Judge That Tower at Ignition Site Was In Need Of Repair

A judge overseeing PG&E’s criminal probation in a past case ordered PG&E to provide information about its role in causing the Camp Fire. In a lengthy filing submitted to the court on December 31, 2018, PG&E admitted the allegations in our lawsuit, acknowledging that the fire ignited near the Poe dam after a c-hook broke loose from one of its high tension towers.

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Camp Fire Lawyers File PG&E Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Northern California Fire Lawyers have filed a Camp Fire wrongful death lawsuit against PG&E, alleging that the electric utility caused the deadliest wildfire in California history. The lawsuit complaint alleges that PG&E cut costs by failing to maintain its electrical equipment, and an equipment failure sparked the 2018 Camp Fire.

According to the complaint, Cal Fire investigators have removed the portion of the PG&E electrical transmission tower that failed, as part of their investigation into the cause of the 2018 Camp Fire conflagration.

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Trump: Camp Fire Preventable by Raking Leaves; Firefighters Say No

After seeing the devastation of the 2018 Butte Fire and Paradise Fire, President Trump told California forestry officials that the damage could have been prevented if California raked dead leaves in its state forests, reports ABC. Trump said that the Finnish president told him that their country, which is 70% forests, prevented fires using raking and other forest management techniques, says ABC. The Finnish president, in a reply, said he’d told Trump no such thing.

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Nor Cal Fire Lawyer Amanda Riddle on PG&E’s Role in 2018 Butte Camp Fire: “They were leading people to a false sense of security…”

On November 14, 2018, ABC10 aired a story on our PG&E Butte County Camp Fire Lawsuit.

In the story, reporter Brandon Rittiman notes important information regarding PG&E’s potential involvement: “We do know that PG&E reported to the state that it had a problem with one of those lines in the burn area last Thursday morning- the morning when the camp fire started.”

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Mike Danko in San Francisco Chronicle on Camp Fire PG&E Lawsuit: “At some point there has to be accountability”

On November 13, 2018, the San Francisco Chronicle published an article entitled “PG&E Sued by Camp Fire Victims,” reporting on our firms’ lawsuit against PG&E on behalf of victims of the deadly Camp Fire near Paradise, California.  The article noted that our case is the first lawsuit to be filed against PG&E in connection to the Camp Fire, which accuses PG&E of failing to properly maintain its infrastructure and equipment.  The lawsuit also accuses PG&E of having a deeply flawed corporate culture that prioritizes profits over safety.

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