Recovering clients' losses for 2017 Nuns PG&E Wildfires

2017 PG&E’s Nuns Wildfire Lawsuit

Our team of attorneys have filed a lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Nuns Fire alleging that PG&E’s failure to update aging infrastructure and maintain trees near its power lines caused the fires. The fire lawsuits seek money in excess of what is already covered by insurance. We also assist our clients with home insurance & personal property inventories.

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Cal Fire Determines that PG&E Caused the Nuns Fire

In June 2018, Cal Fire issued a report stating that it determined the Nuns Fire began after a portion of an alder tree contacted PG&E equipment. Specifically, the PG&E fire lawsuits allege that by failing to properly inspect and maintain its infrastructure and clear vegetation from its power lines, PG&E has violated the law and is legal responsibility for the substantial damages caused by the fires.

We represent homeowners, renters and businesses in PG&E Nuns fire lawsuits alleging that PG&E violated California laws and is legally responsible to pay money to those who were affected by the fires.

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Nuns Fire survivors may have legal claims to compensation from PG&E for property losses, serious injuries, and other damages.  Fill out the form to the right to explore your options and your claims with a trusted wildfire attorney today, free. Hablamos Español.

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We are an experienced Bay Area legal team that represents homeowners, renters and businesses affected by the 2017 Nuns fire. Our attorneys have been appointed by California judges to serve in leadership roles in several large, coordinated fire and disaster cases, including in the 2017 PG&E Fire Cases, San Bruno Explosion and Butte Fire cases. Collectively we have more experience taking on PG&E than any other law firm in California

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Background on the Nuns Fire

The Nuns Fire began on October 8, 2017 and burned over 56,000 acres in Napa and Sonoma counties.  Before the fire was fully contained on October 31, 2017, it destroyed almost 7,000 structures and damaged over 400 more.  It also resulted in 2 fatalities.  Almost 80 percent of the land burned by the Nuns Fire was privately owned.

According to the Cal Fire report, the Nuns Fire originated in a field at the address of 1210 Nuns Canyon Road in the community of Glen Ellen.  The Nuns Fire merged with the Partrick Fire around Sonoma Square, and then combined with the Adobe, Norrbom, Pressley, and Oakmont fires.

Areas affected by the Nuns Fire include the Oakmont watershed, the Highway 12 corridor between Nuns Canyon and the City of Sonoma, Mount Veeder, Bennett Valley, and the western portion of Napa Valley.  The communities of Glen Ellen and Kenwood were particularly hard hit.

Is PG&E Responsible for the Nuns Fire?

A fire location map of the 2017 Northern California Nuns fire.

The October 2017 Nuns Fire burn area.

According to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle, the suspected origin point of the Nuns Fire is up Nuns Canyon Road, northeast of Highway 12. The Chronicle reported that “investigators took photos of burned tree branches and what appeared to be a downed power line marked as evidence.” Similarly, the Chronicle also reported that an investigation into the source of the Partrick Fire took place on Patrick Road on the south slope of Mount Veeder in Napa County. Reportedly, Cal Fire investigators were evaluating “downed power lines.”

PG&E also reported a safety incident the night of the fire at 1210 Nuns Canyon Road, where a tree top broke and fell on an open wire (Incident No. 171016-8576 ). According to the Napa Valley Register, this report corresponds to the fire origin identified by Cal Fire and visited by the Chronicle.

As described further above, Cal Fire released a report in June 2018 stating that the Nuns Fire began after a portion of an alder tree contacted PG&E equipment.

The Nuns Fire Cases

On January 4, 2018, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Curtis Karnow ordered that all of the lawsuits arising from the October 2017 wildfires, including the Nuns Fire, should be centralized in San Francisco Superior Court for pre-trial purposes.  Judge Karnow will preside over the cases.  On May 21, 2018, he denied PG&E’s motion to dismiss one claim from the cases, writing that one of PG&E’s arguments was “flatly contradicted” by previous case law and that PG&E provided no legal precedent for others.  PG&E has appealed this ruling.

Judge Karnow has ordered that discovery/evidence-gathering be conducted in phases, with the first phase focused on gathering evidence from PG&E.  Trial may be set as early as August 2019.  

Why Bring a PG&E Fire Lawsuit

What a PG&E Wildfire Lawsuit May Provide

Our Experience

We’ve prevailed in prior litigation against PG&E.

  • Following the 2015 Butte fire that destroyed over 70,000 acres, we proved that PG&E was liable for property damage.
  • We did the same in the cases arising from the San Bruno Fires, settling all of them in 2013 – just three years after the blaze.

We know more about PG&E’s fire prevention policies and litigation tactics than nearly anyone.

  • We know how PG&E’s fire prevention programs are supposed to work, how they fall short in practice, and why.
  • We have PG&E’s litigation playbook.
  • We know PG&E inside and out and believe that their approach which values profits over consumer safety needs to change. This will keep happening unless we take action.

Our unique experience positions us to represent our clients’ interests better than anyone else.

Meet Our Wildfire Lawyers

The law firms of Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & RiddleDanko Meredith, and Gibbs Law Group each has experience representing California businesses and families that have suffered losses in previous fires, and we have successfully litigated against some of the largest and most powerful corporations in the country, including PG&E.

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More About Our Team

Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle

Attorneys Dario de Ghetaldi and Amanda Riddle of Corey, Luzaich, de Ghetaldi & Riddle were co-liaison counsel for nearly 50 families in litigation against PG&E concerning the September 2010 explosion of a 30-inch natural gas transmission line in San Bruno. They currently represent over 200 families who are victims of the 2015 Butte Fire that devastated over 70,000 acres.

Danko Meredith

The attorneys of Danko Meredith have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for their clients; Mike Danko was recently honored as Trial Lawyer of the Year by San Mateo Trial Lawyers Association.

Gibbs Law Group

Gibbs Law Group’s attorneys bring more than two decades of experience representing clients in complex cases against utility companies, banks and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Daily Journal named Eric Gibbs to its prestigious list of “Top Plaintiff Lawyers in California” for 2016, and Law360 recognized Eric as a “2016 Consumer Protection MVP,” the only plaintiff-side lawyer in the country selected in that category.