PG&E Says a “Constant State of Perfect Compliance” is Not Possible

In connection with PG&E’s probation for the deadly San Bruno explosion in 2010, more terms were added to the company’s probation after PG&E was blamed for lethal Northern California wildfires. PG&E pushed back on the new terms and asked that they be modified.

In response to the condition that PG&E provide better management of vegetation near powerlines, The Mercury News reported:

…the utility “understands that it has a fundamental obligation to comply with applicable state laws and regulations, including in particular the vegetation management requirements.” But the utility said a “constant state of perfect compliance” would involve “extensive clear-cutting” that is “not legally, financially or practically possible.”

Another condition of PG&E’s probation was a prohibition from paying dividends to shareholders until it complied with the management of vegetation. In the court filing, PG&E responded, “…in the ordinary course of business, PG&E must raise significant amounts of capital to finance improvements and investments needed to provide safe and reliable service…If PG&E were prohibited from paying a dividend its ability to raise equity capital would be substantially constrained.”

Nor Cal Fire Lawyer, Mike Danko, told The Mercury News that PG&E’s discussion over dividends was “circular logic” that “proves once again that PG&E’s only concern is return to shareholders.”

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