Mike Danko Talks to KRON4 About Oct. 21, 2019 PG&E Wildfire Claims Deadline

Victims of the 2018 Camp Fire and other California wildfires now must file a claim with the court by October 21st, 2019 in order to be eligible for recovery. Camp Fire Attorney Mike Danko argued against this October deadline because he believes it often takes a year for fire victims to file a claim.

Danko told KRON4 that he is most concerned about the Camp Fire Victims

Victims of other fires have had more than a year to step forward but I know from prior experience, we will have some from the Camp Fire who are still living in parking lots or don’t have a computer or just cant act, who will in January say ‘I am ready to file a claim’ and I will have to say it’s too late you needed to file by Oct. 21

While PG&E called this deadline a “key milestone” in their restructuring and compensation efforts, Danko argued

There’s no secret here PG&E knows the quicker the deadline, the fewer claims they will have to contend with — that is what they are trying to do

If Camp Fire survivors don’t get their claims filed by October 21st, they will forfeit their right to a payout from PG&E.

About the Northern California Fire Lawyers

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