Mike Danko Talks to KRON4 on PG&E’s Rate Increase in California

Having paid to shareholders money it was supposed to use on wildfire remediation and prevention, PG&E now says it can’t get the work done unless it raises rates. Last week the California Public Utilities Commission approved the first of several upcoming requests by PG&E to raise customer utility rates to recover some of the costs relating to the fires.

Northern California Fire Lawyers attorney Mike Danko told KRON4:

[The CPUC] gave PG&E no pushback – it voted unanimously to let them raise the rates. I think this is just a warmup. It’s going to happen again and the next one is going to much more significant…That’s what got us into this trouble is PG&E’s unrelenting quest for profits.

Governor Gavin Newsom also commented,

To increase returns on Wall Street investments at a time when you haven’t even settled victims’ claims, it’s not only tone deaf, its jaw-droppingly wrong.

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